Brazil: Business Dress


Business Dress

How a person dresses is very important to Brazilians. This means that it will reflect upon you and the company you represent.

As for dressing in the professional environment, Brazilian businessmen wear a tie and suit while businesswomen wear pants, skirts and blouses in a more formal but always very feminine way, especially in the city of Sao Paulo. In other cities, like in the northwest region, a more informal way of dressing is observed and casual business dress prevails.

Banking and law are the business fields where people dress more formally in Brazil.

Brazilians follow the latest fashion trends. Women and men tend to worry about their appearance. Shoes must be stylish, polished and in good condition.

Avoid wearing ties with drawings and figures or that are too colorful. For Brazilians, they give the impression that you are not projecting a serious image.

Businesswomen usually polish their nails and wear light make-up in the working environment.

Never wear the colors of the Brazilian flag, green and yellow. It’s not a suitable combination.

Tip: Bags are never to be placed on the floor, because it’s considered a sign of bad luck regarding money in Brazil.