Brazil: Public Behaviour


Public Behaviour

Be spontaneous. That’s what Brazilians value most in personal contacts.

Generally, in a formal introduction, Brazilians shake hands and say their first name. In informal situations women are greeted with a kiss near the face (air kiss). Persons greet each other with expressions like “Oi, tudo bem?” or “Olá, como vai?”. Visual contact is important to Brazilians. When leaving, they frequently use the word “Tchau” and shake hands.

It’s not permitted to smoke in closed spaces like shopping centers, restaurants, shops, etc.

Despite the fact that Brazilians are very receptive and seem to become close very quickly, topics like salaries, matrimonial status and age should be avoided.

Try not to reinforce male chauvinism towards women. Although Brazilians have a good sense of humor, they can be offended with jokes about Brazilian women.