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Paul Billington was a financial reporter in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. He has interviewed many traders, brokers, tax accountants and lawyers, as well as the CEO’s, COO’s and CTO’s of some of Canada’s largest companies for various stories involving the future of work, flex times, cross-cultural communication with executives, investment in foreign countries, etc. He currently works as a lawyer in Midland, Ontario, Canada.



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About Canada

Canada: Appointment Alert!
Making appointments

Canada: Business Dress
Guidelines for business dress

Canada: Conversation
Welcome topics of conversation

Canada: First Name or Title?
Respectfully addressing others

Canada: Gift Giving
Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift

Canada: Let’s Make a Deal!
What you should know before negotiating

Canada: Prosperous Entertaining
Entertaining for business success

Canada: Public Behaviour
Acceptable public conduct

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