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Dana International Consulting, LLC specializes in negotiation and communication consulting with the focus on developing effective strategies for individuals and teams. Our techniques include negotiating tactics, understanding the power of emotions and the ego, and cultural mannerisms encountered during negotiations. The company also offers negotiation seminars to demonstrate effective negotiation tactics when dealing with China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Colombia, or Arab Countries. These negotiation seminars cover simple and complex negotiations, contractual disputes, internal and external transactions, and other cross-cultural negotiations. For more information, please visit

Firm founder and president Dana Cradeur has just authored a book, Recipe for Negotiating Business Deals Successfully which has been endorsed by Herb Cohen, a world leader in negotiating and an author of the New York Times Best Seller, You Can Negotiate Anything and Negotiate This!

Colombia: About Colombia
All about Colombia

Colombia: Appointment Alert!
Making appointments

Colombia: Business Dress
Guidelines for business dress

Colombia: Conversation
Welcome topics of conversation

Colombia: First Name or Title?
Addressing others with respect

Colombia: Let’s Make a Deal!
What you should know before negotiating

Colombia: Prosperous Entertaining
Entertaining for business success

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