Czech Republic: Business Dress


For a first meeting, you cannot go wrong if you dress conservatively. Afterwards, you may want to follow the example of your Czech counterparts. In big companies, conservative suits and ties in subdued colours are the norm. Executives usually dress quite formally. Vivid colours are considered inappropriate. Women should wear conservative suits or dresses without vivid colours. Preferred colours are black, grey, brown, beige and dark blue. A scarf or a tie expressing your personal style is acceptable. Czech businessmen have their own handbag called “Aktovka” which contains “their own small world” such as documents, pens, food and whatever else. It’s the most important business dress accessory for Czechs. Perfume and aftershave should be used sparingly. Men should wear suits and ties subdued in appearance to formal events.


Your Czech counterparts will take note if your clothing is clean, well pressed and in good condition. Do not remove your suit jacket unless the highest-ranking Czech does so. Don’t be surprised if your Czech counterparts (or their workers and employees) use two different pairs of shoes, one in the office and one to go out. Also when pupils come to school, they have to change their shoes inside.