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Your guide to Hong King: Stanley Ng

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Stanley Ng is the director of the Manchester Training and Consultancy Institute and may be contacted at www.mtci.com.hk. The Manchester Training and Consultancy Institute is committed to the promotion of business excellence through continual enhancement of business and management practices. Assisting companies to cultivate a corporate culture based on mutual trust and cooperation is their most valued goal.


Hong Kong: About Hong Kong
All about Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Appointment Alert!
Making appointments

Hong Kong: Business Dress
Guidelines for business dress

Hong Kong: Conversation
Welcome topics of conversation

Hong Kong: First Name or Title?
Addressing others with respect

Hong Kong: Gift Giving
Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift

Hong Kong: Let’s Make a Deal!
What you should know before negotiating

Hong Kong: Prosperous Entertaining
Entertaining for business success

Hong Kong: Public Behaviour
Acceptable public conduct

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