Hong Kong: Prosperous Entertaining


Prosperous Entertaining

Apart from exceptional circumstances, it is alright to decline an invitation. However, always do it tactfully by, say, making up reasonable excuses in order to avoid offending the other party.

When meeting with friends or other acquaintances over a meal or other function, punctuality is important though a little less so when compared with business meetings. Try not to ask questions of a personal nature such as marital status, income and age. It is alright to ask what the other person does for a living but one should refrain from delving into private details.

For longer-term acquaintances, it is a matter of courtesy to ask about the other family members such as children, their education, etc.

Hong Kong people enjoy eating. Snakes and wild animals which might not be consumed in your country are favourites among Hong Kong people. You might politely tell your Hong Kong friends what you do not eat but do not try to lecture them on what they should eat. They will usually respect your choices and preferences.

If you cannot use chopsticks, it is fine to ask for knives and forks. When picking up food from the dishes in a Chinese meal, always pick the part closest to you instead of reaching out. Such behaviour is considered impolite.

In a bigger gathering, it is not uncommon for everyone to contribute to the total expenses on an equal sharing basis. While asking for separate bills might be acceptable in your own country, doing so in Hong Kong might offend the other party – giving the impression that you are too calculating or not being friendly. For closer friends, it is common for people to take turns in hosting dinners and meals – as a gesture of goodwill.

Entertainment and Sports

Hong Kong is a city that offers a wide variety of entertainment. It offers both Eastern and Western cuisines of the best of quality. Concerts and cinemas are very much part of its cultural life.

People who enjoy sports will be delighted to find the many beautiful beaches and mountain trails. Modern sports facilities such as gymnasiums, squash, tennis, badminton courts and golf courses are also easily accessible at reasonable prices.