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Helen Burgess is an experienced cross-cultural consultant, trainer and coach with significant international business experience. In 2001 she founded Insight Italy which specialises in running interactive workshops, webinars and providing individual coaching and advice for business people who:

– Do business with Italian companies or other multinationals

– transfer to live and work in Italy

– lead or are team members of multi-national teams

– attend international meetings and negotiations.

Her career spans almost 15 years experience with global FMCG companies where she was responsible for leading international multi-functional project teams and working daily with people from all over the world. She worked in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands and now Italy and she helps others to leverage their cultural competency skills to improve their effectiveness in an international environment and thus increase company growth and profitability.

Examples of workshops delivered to internationally renowned companies include :

– Doing business in Italy

– Achieving high performing international teams

– Building cultural awareness

– Managing cultural diversity in the workplace

– Living and working in Italy

Helen has also run a range of integration and re-entry workshops for university students who are on a study abroad programs in Italy. She is based in Rome.

The advice given in this guide is based on independent research, observations and personal experience built up over 12 years of living and working in Italy with people from many backgrounds and from a range of companies (small family owned enterprises through to International corporations). I hope you find it useful and I wish you every success in your business and personal relationships with Italians!

Helen can be contacted by e-mail at or via

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