Jamaica: Business Dress


Business Dress

The climate in Jamaica can be humid and hot. Most business people wear business casual clothing (khaki slacks and golf shirts) for casual business, and they add a blazer or sports coat for social functions. They wear suits with jackets and ties to formal meetings. Women may wear suits or dresses.

You would do well to pack lightweight cottons and linens for Jamaica’s tropical climate. Also pack some light woollens for the evenings which tend to be cooler. Synthetics should be avoided because they may be less breathable.

Sunglasses should also be included in your luggage and you may want to pack a sweater if you’re visiting during the “winter” season (December – April).

In Jamaica, rain showers often seem to come out of nowhere… and then quickly disappear! Be prepared by bringing a waterproof jacket and umbrella just in case you get caught in a downpour.

Swimsuits are generally acceptable only at the beach and the pool. Outside of these areas, a beach cover up will usually suffice. Men should wear a shirt (T-shirt or button-up shirt) in public. Be aware that the more classy establishments usually require you to be formally attired. You may want to check the dress code of where you’ll be staying before you get here.)

Business dress is mostly conservative.