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Your guide to Japan: Kenneth Bergenthal

About your guide:

This guide was put together by Kenneth Bergenthal. Ken spent 4 years living in Japan and published his book “No Elbow Room” focusing on his experiences both in the business and culture of Japan. He lives now in the US with his Japanese wife and 2 kids, and has been travelling 6-8 times a year on business to Japan and Asia for well over a decade. Ken runs his own business, Asia Pacific Consultants, assisting IT companies to enter the Japanese and Asian marketplaces.

Ken has faced the challenges of working for both Japanese and American companies while in Japan. As well, he has as represented foreign companies entering Japan or Japanese companies expanding in Asia. Ken originally is a graduate of MIT in mathematics and computer science. For more information on his experience and services as well as his book, please take a look at his website:Image:AsiaPacificConsultants.jpg

Asia Pacific Consultants


Japan: About Japan
About Japan

Japan: Appointment Alert!
Making Appointments

Japan: Business Dress
Guidelines for business dress

Japan: Conversation
Welcome topics of conversation

Japan: First Name or Title?
Addressing others with respect

Japan: Gift Giving
Selecting and presenting an appropriate business gift

Japan: Let’s Make a Deal!
What you should know before negotiating

Japan: Prosperous Entertaining
Entertaining for business success

Japan: Public Behaviour
Acceptable public conduct


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