Norway: Business Dress


Business Dress

Business attire is somewhat casual by European standards.

Men should wear dark coloured, conservative business suits to meetings.

Women should wear well tailored dresses or trouser suits / pants suits [especially for the first meeting].

Many companies have a smart, but casual, dress code similar to European standards.

Once you know the dress culture of the company, you may be able to modify your clothing.

Jewelry and accessories should be kept to a minimum and always be understated.

Shoes should be highly polished.

Social Occasions

Standard attire includes a suit and a tie for men [usually a black two-piece] and a smart dress for women.

For less formal social events more casual attire is the norm. Men may still wear a suit, or a jacket and trousers. In the summer, casual dress depends on the weather – in hot weather shorts and a T-shirt or jeans, etc. are acceptable for outdoor barbecues, etc. If the occasion is held indoors, always dress smartly.