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Norine Victor 1st Solutions Executive Image and Personal Development Consultants

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About your Guide

This section was put together by Norine Victor from 1st Solutions Executive Image and Personal Development Consultants.

Norine Victor is a Personal Development consultant and opened her first business in 1989. She specialises in Personal Development and has received training in the UK to further qualify her in different aspects of the development of individuals and teams. Norine is also an L.P.I facilitator, and uses Leadership Practices Inventories for the 3sixT Leadership Challenge program. She qualified with Beauty for all Seasons in 1999 and works in corporate image development and implementation programs.

She is currently the Chairlady of the SA Council for Businesswomen in Cape Town.

1st Solutions also specialise in Independent Image Consulting training. Currently training is offered in Cape Town and Gauteng. The course is designed to cover all aspects of image consulting and enables the attendees to open their own business and work as an independent consultant.

Visit their website at 1st Solutions Executive Image and Personal Development Consultants.

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