Thailand: Business Dress


Guidelines for business dress

Business suits are the standard office attire in Thailand: despite the heat most offices require a shirt and tie, with most people preferring to wear a long sleeved shirt.

Given the heat, a lot of people wear a singlet underneath their business shirt to protect their shirts from the sweat stains and to guard against the freezing air conditioning found in most office buildings. Sweating is obviously very difficult to avoid if you are not used to the heat, but an undershirt [while at first a ridiculous idea to many!] is a common solution to the problem of a sweat soaked shirt.

Jackets are a rarity, but may be carried over your arm and then worn once you’re at your destination.

Outside of Bangkok, a lot of company employees, especially in the industrial estates, abandon their ties and just wear open neck shirts with collars. Visitors to the site often still wear a shirt and tie, in any case.

For women, skirts are generally always better than pants, and in some establishments [mainly some government offices and schools] are all that is accepted. Generally, skirts are below the knee. If wearing a skirt, most Thais will also wear a matching jacket to keep warm in offices where the air-conditioning is commonly set to a low temperature. Thailand is still very conservative and wearing sleeveless tops is not recommended unless a jacket is worn over the top.


In some instances, mainly when visiting someone’s home, you may be asked to remove your shoes. Having holes in your socks does not generally go down well!

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