United States: Business Dress


Guidelines for business dress

For a first meeting, you cannot go wrong if you dress conservatively. Afterwards, you may want to follow the example of your American counterparts.

In U.S. business culture, dress tends to vary. In some parts of the country–the east in particular–most people wear business suits. In other areas, such as the west coast, a more relaxed approach to dressing is the norm in many workplaces. Executives in most regions of the country, however, usually dress quite formally.

Business suits or dresses are often the standard attire for women. Pantsuits, in classic styles, are also acceptable. Accessorizing, which adds flair to even very simple outfits, is also practiced here.

When not working, feel free to dress casually. In their leisure hours, you will notice that Americans wear a wide range of casual items, such as running shoes, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, baseball caps, etc.

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